Sunday, 3 July 2011

A parent's worst nightmare

It feels like Charles and I have passed onto another level in our parenting since Wednesday night when Anna fell out of the top floor window and landed face first 4 meteres below on the patio. She is okay.
It was truly the most horrific moment I have yet experienced when we realised what had happened and were poised between knowing if our life was going to be irrevocably changed forever or if, by some miracle, it was going to be alright.
The ambulance came, she was rushed to hospital - the whole time saying "I'm alright Mommy." The x-rays were fine, nothing broken. Is it possible? From there we were sent to George, a town an hour and half away, to have scans and be checked by specialists. She was fine, she was fine, she was fine.
We spent the night in hospital and she really was incredibly brave, just handled it all like a champion.
"I didn't fall, Mommy, my guardian angel held my hand and flew with me."
Our little family has been rocked and quite traumatised by this but it's also, obviously, brought us together. The girls "twin bond" has really shown. They are being so sweet to each other with barely any fights. Charley is very proud to help her limping, bruised sister by holding her hand and making sure I dont overlook any of her needs. "Anna's awake, Mommy. Go get her she can't walk very well." Ofcourse, understandably, there has also been the extra demands from Charley's side.
On the down side, Anna is weepy and clingy and we have decided to take them both to a child psychologist to get over the shock of it all.
All I want to do is be with them every minute of the day, my precious, precious babies.


  1. Oh Missy! So glad that she is OK. Love to all of you. Will try call soon. Xxx

  2. Lovely post Miss. You have a knack for describing serious or demanding situations with a light touch and gentle insight. Lots of love, Dad.