Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Almost back to normal

Quick update on Anna.
We seem to have finally come to the end of all the check ups and follow ups. On Monday she had her required check by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. All was good. He says it appears the nose was broken, but it is well aligned and has healed, is healing, well. And then after much angst about her limping I made an appointment with a chiropractor which she saw today. He said all good too, no misalignment and it seems all that is needed is a little more time for the ligaments to heal from the strain. She is walking a lot better now and running (slower than usual) but there is definite improvement and I feel good about it, as I'm sure she does too! It was suggested that she get a hearing test as the impact of the fall could of caused a problem somewhere, but I think I'll just keep an eye on her and leave it for now. She's pretty over doctor's waiting rooms and so am I.
Emotionally, she is still quite weepy in the mornings which I think is caused by being a little stiff. She perks up nicely and then seems to get quite tired around three, which is unlike her but understandable considering her shock and trauma and the need to heal. She also seems a lot more considerate than before and very loving towards me, which I'm lapping up for who knows how long it will last?
Charley continues, with the odd lapse here and there, to behave like an acsended master...? I am definitely lapping this up because I'm sure once they return to school next week, with all the outside influences, things could change.

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  1. So stoked things are improving! Lots of love to the Ouland farm crew xx