Thursday, 7 July 2011

Angel Intervention

Anna had her hip checked out today, but I'm not convinced by the doctor's prognosis. He says he can't find any problem and her limping is due to an imbalance caused by her concussion?? This is not sitting well with me as I feel she obviously has a physical problem if she's still limping and can't run.
At bath time she fell down and said it was her "woggely leg" that made her fall. She says it is sore but she told the doctor it wasn't because she was scared of lying on the table again. Problem is how do you know when a 3 year old is saying it like it is or telling you what she thinks you want to hear. It's really killing me watching her hobbling around and trying to run but then rememebering she can't.
I don't want to be a doomsday-over-fretting mother but nor do I want to ignore a potential problem. Charles seems to agree - although he normally adopts the "lets wait and see" attitude.
I've decided to give it until Monday before getting a second opinion.
It appears an angel has taken residence of Charley's being.  Ever since our session with the child psychologist she has gone from being a traumatised and whiney, trantum throwing devil to a reasonable, understanding, loving child of about 2 years her senior. When I told her I was leaving her with granny for the morning while we went to the doctor, she happily packed up her drawing and cutting things and skipped down to her grandparents house where she quietly and duitifully crafted elaborate pieces of art for her ailing sister. Upon our arrival home she didn't immediately throw her usual tantrum and demand her treat for waiting, but simply handed over her work of art to Anna and thanked me graciously for a packet of chips I'd bought for her. She continued with this mature behaviour of an ascended master throughout the afternoon, topping it off by eating her entire supper by herself (this never happens) asking if she may be excused from the table (she's quite good at this one) and taking her plate through to the kitchen. And then said: "May I watch some TV now please Mom"!!!
If this continues - from a child who usually has the tolerance threshhold of an injured tiger and has kept me running two steps ahead of her since she was born - my life will be "irrevocably changed" forever. Please hold thumbs and touch a lot of wood!

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