Wednesday, 6 July 2011

On the mend

It's a week today since the Great Fall and I guess I can say we are mending, albeit a slowly.
The girls went for their session with a child psychologist yesterday which went well. They did a lot of drawing to express their feelings about the incident. I'm especially seeing a positive difference in Charley who has been a lot less whiney and angry since. Although Anna seems fine on a whole, she's not her normal excitable, adventurous self by a long shot. She doesn't like to be away from me for too long and has periods of crying about all and nothing. Her bruises are nearly gone but her limping has not improved. So I'm taking her for another check up tommorrow morning and perhaps x-rays on her hip.
I feel shattered. I think the emotional demand of being completely available to the girls this past week, plus the shock and lack of good sleep (there has been much waking up and bed swopping during the nights) is catching up on me.
Charles gave up a lot of work time to be with us but has now thrown himself back into work with his usual all or nothing attitude, so we miss him. It also doesn't help that the winter cold fronts keep bringing more and more monster swells that he absolutely has to see to. In the past I thought little of him disappearing all day to surf 15 foot waves off the wild coast, but these days I am finding it hard not to worry about him. He needs to do it though, its his form of post-trauma therapy.

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