Monday, 13 June 2011

Three red hens there were...

One of our three remaining hens passed away last night.
We are not sure what the cause of her death was. She appeared to be very thin and so we think she may have had parasites or the other two hens and bossy rooster were not allowing her to get her share of food. But luckily we have veterinarian on site so she is awaiting her autopsy. I will report back as soon as I receive the results...
I do feel quite bad though as she was the hen that always came into our kitchen to eat the dog's food and we would chase her out with mean noises (I don't like stepping into chicken poo while I'm cooking supper). Clearly she was hungry.
The girls took it very well. In fact they were very excited about carrying the dead body to the surgery. I'm glad they have a healthy approach to death.

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