Thursday, 23 June 2011

Breathe and enjoy

School closes tommorrow. For three weeks. What am I gonna do?
I get this anxiety attack before every school break and usually its unfounded. Except last term they gave the kids a 10 day holiday and then - due to some oversight by the Minister of Education (oversights are a regular occurance in the SA government) we had another 10 day break just a week after term began! This disruption caused major upheaval in our home. I had run out of ideas and the girls were quite desperate to get back to their normal routine and friends. In short I felt like the worst mother on earth by the time they returned to pre-school for the 2nd time.
I refuse to let this happen again. I will check my attitude every morning, breathe and temper any panic I feel setting in when, due to unforseen child demands, at 10 √≥ clock and we are still all in our pyjamma's, the horses are sweating in their blankets and I haven't yet baked or picked any fresh veg for the farm shop which opens at 9am. I will roll with it.
So far my survival kit consists of : a weekly library outing, many pony rides and walks on the farm, a picnic at the lagoon with friends - if the weather holds, my dear, dear friend Robyn's holiday care programme and a weekend away.
Doesn't sound too bad actually. I think we'll survive. As long as I put my own (whose that?) needs on the backburner.

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