Thursday, 9 June 2011

First timer

The road that has lead me to start this blog has taken almost exactly 3 1/2 years. It started with the birth of my twin girls Charlotte and Annabelle in Decemeber 2007. Having been a much welcomed, yet unplanned event, we (Charles and I) only now feel like we are coming up for some air!
A brief summary of who we are - the Reitz Family:
Mom (the blogger ): Melissa, nicknamed Missy. Grew up in a place that could be called Heaven, the Garden Route, South Africa. I spent 10 years in the city of Cape Town freelancing as a camera assistant in the film business. One day I had enough of the long hours and stresses of city life. My gut said go home and start your real life. So I went back to Plettenberg Bay. I reconnected with the love of my life, Charles (still married at the time). Eight months and a lot of patience, tears, heartache, one divorce, sadness and happiness later, I was pregnant. Not planned. With twins. My life, as I now know it, had begun....
Dad: Charles. Super big wave surfer, horticulturist, arborist and master braaier (BBQer) Also grew up in the Garden Route. After completing his studies in Cape Town, he set out in search of the world's greatest waves. Settled in France for a short time, married a local, then continued the search. After awhile, for reasons that are none of my or your business, his marriage ended and he returned to SA to rethink it all. But thanks to me he needn't of bothered...
The Girls: Charlotte and Annabelle, fraternal twins born on 12 December 2007. Charlotte is blonde, green eyed and tall. She loves fairies, pink and dressing up. She doesnt like loud noises and too many people.Annabelle is blonde, blue eyed and petit. She loves pasta, lions and climbing trees. She doesnt like being told what to do or wearing shoes.

We all live on Ouland Farm in Plettenberg Bay with our border collie, Mulligan, two kittens, Jack and Sophia, two horses, Marine and Raz, our 3 hens and rooster, and a herd of dairy cows. Also living on the farm are Charles' parents Andre and Bell a.k.a Boupa and Mouma. Andre has earned legend status as the regions most loved veterinarian for over 35 years.
Time to fetch the girls from school. More to come...

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