Friday, 17 May 2013

3's not a crowd

Wow, I can't believe how easy this has been so far - the baby thing. Adam is a model baby! He sleeps and eats, a lot, and he smiles, a lot. And he has a very polite way of communicating his needs. If I miss his first sleep request which is: "eh, eh," with half closed eyes he may then go "eh, eh, eh" slightly louder and punch the air a few times. If he's hungry he purses his lips and is slightly more vocal about letting me know but never screams. It's more of a: "I'm hungry now," and if I miss that it becomes: "Hello, I'm hungry now," and if I'm still slow on the uptake it becomes a slightly louder: "Excuse me, I'm not fooling around here I'm seriously hungry!" He then finishes his feed in a very reasonable 15 minutes and is either ready to smile again or go to asleep.
Life is clearly no biggy for this little guy. He seems completely at ease with being on this planet and not at all in shock by his physical existence.
I can honestly say we have had a total of three "colicky" evenings where he's cried intensely for about 10 minutes and then been so tired out by the experience that he slept through on all three occasions! He's simply not a screamer and I cannot believe what a difference that makes to being his mother. There is nothing like a consistent screaming baby to create immense anxiety, fatigue and tension in the home.  I read somewhere that the average baby cries 8 -10 times a day. Double that with twins and triple that if you have excessive screamers. I had excessive screamers the first time around and clearly the gods decided to cut me some slack this time!
The twins are fantastic big sisters and are also clearly under his charming spell - although they haven't let me off the hook that easily and have dished out various forms of emotional punishment such as the inevitable: "You love the baby more than me."
Although the baby is a breeze, having three children is very busy so I have had to recruit the girl's help around the house more than before. At first they seemed very eager to be of service but I fear I may have abused their enthusiasm, as last night Anna decided to put her foot down after she was asked to let out the bath water and hang up the face cloths: "Its not fair," she said, "Everyone is having fun except me! Dad climbs trees all day and has fun, you play with the baby all day and Charley plays with her friends everyday. But me, I just work all the time and I'm tired now! I need a rest. I feel like Cinderella!" Well I just about doubled over at this! The poor little thing, if only she knew what was still coming. So I feigned pity, helped her with the bath and said she could take the rest of the day off. It seemed she needed it.